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    Dimanche 4 Septembre 2016 à 06:22

    Merci à Douce_Luscie

    La créatrice, conceptrice de ce très bel endroit

    il est porteur de rêve , de joie, d'espoir

    il est aussi le symbole du partage

    Je lui pose toute ma tendresse

    Jeudi 8 Septembre 2016 à 02:33

    Bonjour Mich

    Merci pour ce beau témoignage

    Ca me touche beaucoup

    Toute ma tendresse pour toi aussi



    Lundi 1er Mai 2017 à 13:56

    Joyeux 1er mai

    Vendredi 12 Mai 2017 à 23:50

    Hello Beautiful,  Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, I was so excited to read you.  Your Blog and work is so beautiful , so elegant just the kind of thing I love. Thank you for your lovely comment on my new Sims, my pics need work Im so rusty at doing all of it I hope my work gets better very quickly. You asked if you could share my Sims, you are welcome to share my Sims anytime , anywhere and you need to never ask, you are my friend and I trust your judgement and that you will take care of my girls, lol. Im not sure if I have your blog bannert or not if I dont please give me the info so I may add it to my friends blogs, if I do then I need to look again, I am so forgetful these days. It was wonderful to touch base with you. Hope to chat soon and see you around. Many hugs and kisses

      • Samedi 13 Mai 2017 à 09:41


        Thank you so much Sherry i really appreciate your comment, I am so happy to know that you have taken over the sims, your creations are so beautiful, it is pleasure to see them and very pity that the site sims3Updates no longer exists to promote them, I hope everything is well and that You have time for you, I make you kisses of the heart my sweet Sherry

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